Publications – September 2016

E-Book on the Future of the Middle East

In September 2016, Arab Digest — www.arabdigest.organd the international relations journal Global Policy (to which Alastair serves on the Practitioners’ Advisory Board) — — began inviting papers for a new joint e-book on the future of the Middle East. Alastair and Arab Digest’s Hugh Miles are the co-editors.

Company News – September ’16

Acacia International School

In July 2016, Alavan engaged in an ongoing pro bono advisory to Acacia School in Livingstone ( aimed at achieving a sustained boost in pupil numbers by around one-third.

Africon GmbH

On 1 August 2016, Alastair joined the newly formed Advisory Board of Africon GmbH (

A new contract with Nomura International

Alavan successfully negotiated a second 12-month consultancy contract with Nomura International, which came into effect on 23 August 2016.