Clare Sullivan

As founder and director of BrowsersGrazers, in association with Alavan Advisory Limited, I bring together my accumulated skills in nutrition, catering and fine art with special reference to sub-saharan Africa in general and Zambia in particular.

I started my professional career as a dietitian/nutritionist in the public sector in Australia, later working privately as a dietetic consultant. This provided me with wide-ranging experience in both urban and rural communities, where I provided nutrition education to individuals and groups.

As a private consultant working in Tasmania, I was interviewed weekly on the Australian Broadcasting Commission radio and regularly appeared on television.

My passion for food enabled me work across many areas, teaching and providing tasty, healthy meals for all diets. I consulted to hospitals and private catering facilities, presented adult education cooking classes and private catering for cocktail parties, weddings and large dinner parties.

In 1996, I moved to London where, as a dietitian consulting to the catering department at The Royal Marsden Hospital, I continued to combine my interest in cooking and health. I also undertook studies in Fine Art, receiving a BA(Hons) from Camberwell College London.

Moving to New York in 2002, I pursued my interest in art and, during my three years there, I successfully exhibited my drawings and paintings. My interest in healthcare continued and I trained as a Yoga teacher and upon returning to London I combined yoga with my art practice.

My first visit to Sub-Saharan Africa was 2006. Subsequent regular visits engendered a personal commitment to the continent and led me to the decision to move to Zambia. To this end I established with my partner, Alastair Newton, Alavan Business Advisory Ltd, incorporated in Zambia in late 2012.

I bring to Alavan through BrowsersGrazers skills, experience and a life-long interest in food and nutrition. With these in my personal armoury I aim to help meet the growing interest in nutrition and demand for meals meeting special dietary requirements from both the tourist industry and local community. I offer hands-on and remote training, optimising the use of seasonal foods to provide appetising diet-specific meals to the palate of visitors and locals alike.

My website is the platform upon which the training and teaching of hotels, safari camps and education institutions is based.