Food and Nutrition

BrowsersGrazers is a ‘one-stop shop’  for expert advice on diet recipes and nutrition and the platform from which I work with hotels and safari camps in Southern Africa to ‘demystify diet cooking’, making catering for special diets simple.

The hospitality industry in sub-Saharan Africa goes to considerable lengths to feed its guests well. But, in common with other parts of the world, it is struggling to cater for special diets at a time when more and more people worldwide are asking for such consideration, either through choice or because of food allergies.

I trained as a Dietitian/Nutritionist and have worked in the health and catering industry for many years. Based in Livingstone Zambia, I work throughout the region. So, I am very well-placed to help you manage these requests, from Diabetic and Dairy Free to Gluten Free and Vegan diets, ensuring guests with dietary preferences/requirements enjoy their experience to the full.

With a range of training, demonstration and practice packages I can assist managers, chefs and front-of-house staff with:

  • Tasty, Diet Cooking guidelines;
  • Adapting and substituting ingredients within the ‘standard’ menu to cater for diet requests;
  • New, simple but tasty recipes specifically designed to cater for special dietary requirements;
  • Sourcing the necessary ingredients, using local and seasonal foods where possible;

Please CONTACT ME to discuss ways I can assist.

Clare Sullivan