Teaching Nutrition at LIBES

On Monday 11th Clare presented a lecture to the Tourism and Hospitality students at LIBES, Livingstone. The foundation of the morning was general nutrition; presenting information application to their own lives, and supplemented with specific diet guidelines to use when working with international guests.

This theory session was followed, on Thursday 14th, with cooking, the practical application.  In this the students used familiar ingredients to prepare a vegan meal. The cooking style and resulting flavours were new to them although it would have been a suitable dish on a menu for international guests. 



Speaking in Singapore

On 11 September, Alastair was guest speaker at a Bank of Singapore investor conference held at the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore. Over a lunchtime conversation with BoS’s Chief Economist Richard Jerram he explored a number of political and geopolitical risks on investors’ radar screens as well as warning of possible financial risk as the Trump Administration’s politically driven deregulation agenda advanced.
This was the second time that Alastair has been invited to speak at a BoS client event this year.

Spanish Steps

On 7 September The Global Lead published an article by Alastair on Catalonia’s 1 October independence referendum which threatens a major political crisis for Spain and the EU.

Presenting on Geopolitical Risk

On 2 September Alastair gave the keynote speech at Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management’s investor conference in Milan, highlighting and discussing political and geopolitical risk worldwide.

‘The New Neocons and the Middle East’

Alastair has been co-editing a forthcoming e-book, ‘The Future of the Middle East’, which is being produced jointly by Arab Digest and Global Policy. With publication due in September he has just updated his own chapter, ‘The New Neocons and the Middle East’, which was published free-standing this week.
Global Policy Journal

Political and Geopolitical Risk

On 24 August, Alavan Business Advisory Limited began a third 12-month consultancy contract with Nomura International under the terms of which we shall continue to advise Nomura and its clients worldwide on political and geopolitical risk.

The Global Lead

The Global Lead
In August, Alastair formally joined the team of The Global Lead, a web-based channel promoting “education, advocacy and activism to encourage and create positive social and environmental changes”. His third article, on the Trump Administration and Stephen Bannon, was posted on 21 August.