Writings on political risk

The start of this month marked the first anniversary of Alastair’s debut as a contributor to the e-journal, ‘The Global Lead’. Since then, he has averaged one article per week. Th hyperlinks below go to a selection of recent contributions.
The Global Lead



Showcasing Livingstone’s Birding Proposition

Waterbird Exhibition Livingstone Museum

“This under-birded country on the interface of Southern and Central Africa still holds vast swathes of miombo woodland, and is the best country in which to see the specialities of this habitat…. Politically stable and safe to visit, as well as boasting good travel infrastructure, it is strange that the country has not become more popular with birders, especially with the added attraction of Victoria Falls and big game in the Luangwa Valley.”

Michael Mills, The Birder’s Guide to Africa (2017)

On 17 August, a new exhibition based on over 20 years of research into Livingstone’s local waterbirds opened to the public at the Livingstone Museum. As such, it showcases a small part — there are over 500 species of birds to be found in the Livingstone area alone — of Zambia’s under-appreciated birding proposition which will hopefully help to get the word out more widely to the global birding community.

The exhibition, which runs until mid-November before going on the road to museums around the country, is being held in association with Birdwatch Zambia, underlining the fact that we sit at the birding crossroads of Africa hosting species not only from our continent’s southern region but, as Michael Mills states, also from the east and the west. 

We at Alavan partnered the Museum by helping pro bono to raise the sponsorship money which made the holding of the exhibition possible (as well as contributing sponsorship money ourselves). We’d like to join the Museum in recording our thanks to the other sponsors, ie: Atlas Mara Zambia (Platinum Sponsor); XproGraphix (like Alavan, Diamond); JollyBoys, Kayube Lodge, Pauch Consultant, PureSkills, Southern Savannah Safaris and Toyota Zambia (all Gold).

Livingstone Yoga

Clare is teaching yoga in Livingstone and at her home on the Zambezi river. Over the coming couple of months she will also run a yoga retreat at KaingU Lodge in Kafue National Park and provide early morning yoga classes to the participants of a conference at the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

Livingstone Yoga

Oil Supply, Trade Wars, Brexit and more.

Throughout February and early March Alastair published several articles discussing the growing global tensions. They are listed below.


On 14 February, The Global Lead published an article by Alastair on the potential threat in the Gulf region to global oil supplies.
On 21 February, The Global Lead published an article by Alastair reflecting on the Mueller investigation and Russia’s hybrid war against the West.
On 22 February, The Global Lead published an updated article by Alastair reflecting on developments on the Korean peninsula and their implications.
Also on 22 February, The Global Lead published an update by Alastair reflecting on growing trade tensions. 
On 26 February, The Global Lead published an article by Alastair reflecting on the scrapping of presidential term limits in China.
On 4 March, The Global Lead published an article by Alastair asking whether we are now in a ‘trade war’ and if not how likely it is that we are heading for one.
On 5 March, The Global Lead published an article on Brexit by Alastair complementing his 24 February one on the same subject.

Kim cals the shots

On 2 January, The Global Lead published Alastair’s thoughts on recent developments on the Korean peninsula.