Where the Kalahari meets the Congo Basin

Where the Kalahari meets the Congo Landscape
In early September, Clare and Alastair made their first visit to Mwinilunga, guided by top ecologist Frank Willems. The principal reason for their visit was birding in this unique corner of Zambia which offers a rare combination of habitats, ie miombo woodland, dambo and tropical rainforest – and even Afro-montane vegetation. But the trip also enabled an initial exploration by Alavan of our advising possible community conservation projects in the region, as part of our ongoing drive to boost tourism numbers by increasing awareness globally of Zambia’s fantastic but under-appreciated birding proposition.
Alastair Newton and Frank Willems

Political and Geopolitical Risk

On 24 August, Alavan Business Advisory Limited began a third 12-month consultancy contract with Nomura International under the terms of which we shall continue to advise Nomura and its clients worldwide on political and geopolitical risk.

Company News – March ’17

BMCE Bank of Africa

Alastair was formally invited to join the mentors’ panel of BMCE Bank of Africa’s African Entrepreneurship Award — https://africanentrepreneurshipaward.com.


In March 2017, Qalis Partners rebranded itself as Qalis. Alastair remains president of its Strategic Committee.

Birdwatch Zambia

In January 2017, Alavan renewed its corporate membership of Birdwatch Zambia (http://birdwatchzambia.org).

Livingstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In January 2017, Alavan renewed its corporate membership of the LVCCI (http://www.chamber-commerce.net/dir/11662/Livingstone-Chamber-of-Commerce-and-Industry-in-Livingstone).

Corporate Social Responsibility

In December 2016/January 2017, Alavan carried out preliminary work aimed at rebooting the CSR programme of a major Livingstone employer.