Addressing Malnutrition in Zambia

Malnutrition, in particular vitamin A deficiency, is very high in Zambia; reported to be 40-50% in the under 5 yr olds. Although several steps have been taken to addressing this, the figures illustrate very slow progress. 

I introduced a small, simple trial project within our local community; orange maize, a vitamin A rich crop. It has been a success and I have plans to extend it to poor rural communities, where subsistence farming is the way of life.

Attached is an outline of the project and my plan.

Orange Maize Project, Nov ’18

Conservation in Mozambique

Benguerra Island In mid-October, we made a 10-day visit to Mozambique where we had the opportunity to take a first-hand look at the impressive conservation work of both African Parks (in Bazaruto National Park; and the Carr Foundation (in Gorongosa National Park; – including, in the case of the latter in particular, associated social development programmes. We also had an initial informal exchange about possible Rainforest Trust engagement in Zambia, which relates back to our September visit to Mwinilunga ( and the possibility of launching community conservation projects there. Several strands of follow up are in hand.

Where the Kalahari meets the Congo Basin

Where the Kalahari meets the Congo Landscape
In early September, Clare and Alastair made their first visit to Mwinilunga, guided by top ecologist Frank Willems. The principal reason for their visit was birding in this unique corner of Zambia which offers a rare combination of habitats, ie miombo woodland, dambo and tropical rainforest – and even Afro-montane vegetation. But the trip also enabled an initial exploration by Alavan of our advising possible community conservation projects in the region, as part of our ongoing drive to boost tourism numbers by increasing awareness globally of Zambia’s fantastic but under-appreciated birding proposition.
Alastair Newton and Frank Willems

Livingstone Yoga

Clare is teaching yoga in Livingstone and at her home on the Zambezi river. Over the coming couple of months she will also run a yoga retreat at KaingU Lodge in Kafue National Park and provide early morning yoga classes to the participants of a conference at the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

Livingstone Yoga

Teaching Nutrition at LIBES

On Monday 11th Clare presented a lecture to the Tourism and Hospitality students at LIBES, Livingstone. The foundation of the morning was general nutrition; presenting information application to their own lives, and supplemented with specific diet guidelines to use when working with international guests.

This theory session was followed, on Thursday 14th, with cooking, the practical application.  In this the students used familiar ingredients to prepare a vegan meal. The cooking style and resulting flavours were new to them although it would have been a suitable dish on a menu for international guests. 



The Global Lead

The Global Lead
In August, Alastair formally joined the team of The Global Lead, a web-based channel promoting “education, advocacy and activism to encourage and create positive social and environmental changes”. His third article, on the Trump Administration and Stephen Bannon, was posted on 21 August.

African Entrepreneurship Awards

On 15 August, Alastair was appointed as a Global Mentor under BMCE Bank of Africa’s African Entrepreneurship Award scheme, as the final round of this year’s competition formally kicked off.
African Entrepreneurship Award

Company News – June ’17

Short Courses in Hospitality and Tourism

On Thursday 14th June Clare and Alastair attended the launch of Short Courses in Hospitality and Tourism at LIBES,  With tourism being central to the Livingstone economy it is good to see initiatives like this.

LIBESEDBI Conference – Livingstone

May 15-19th, Clare attended the “Ease of Doing Business Initiative (EDBI) Conference” at the Avani Hotel, Livingstone; She was supporting Victor Njakwa and his Chitenge Shoes business who were exhibiting throughout the conference.

EDBI Livingstone

Better business opportunities in Macron’s France?

On 14/15 May, Alastair was in Paris for a QALIS meeting ( and for a series of discussions with policy experts on prospects for the Macron presidency. He also took time out to support his daughter Carolyn and her fiancé, Carlos, who are about the launch themselves into a series of 12 Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding (SUP) marathons on their home-made (from plastic water bottles) boards to raise awareness of the huge problem of plastic in the ocean. The photo is from the SUP regatta on the Marne in which they were participating.

Carolyn in Paris

Working with Yaleo

Clare has been working with Yalelo, Zambia’s largest Tilapia fish farm. The relaunched website includes creative recipes for Zambians. For information on where to buy tilapia;


Legal Indaba

In April 2017, Alavan provided pro bono advice on attracting advertising revenue for the relaunch of the Zambian legal journal Legal Indaba.


Chitenge Shoes – local manufacture

Victor Njakwe is a skilled leather worker based in Livingstone. Clare has been assisting him as he develops his business. This has included some training in pricing and general finance, helping in the design of his product for the tourist market and identifying sales opportunities.Chitenge sandals


Bajaj Bikes in Zambia

Alavan assisted in the successful raising of a short-term loan for Bajaj Zambia